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ceramic workshop 

Introduction to ceramics workshop.

On request, we offer workshops discovery of ceramics  .

You can discover the work of the earth according to different techniques (work on the plate, the dove, the pin cage) and you can make a piece of your choice.

These workshops last +/-2h and are offered at the price of 80€ / person (equipment, land and 1 kitchen included).

After this cooking and according to your desires, we can still enamel your pieces for an additional € 5/ piece, you can then come to find them on the spot or we will send them to you by post (for the delivery costs if it is by post).

You can also return to cook your rooms by cooking "raku" ( count +/- 2H -3H cooking:70€ depending on the weather!)

During longer stays in our guest house, these initiations can be adapted in more successful internship (contact us in this case, we will make you a proposal  ).

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